Guilt cookies at Arab Street

After the Circuit Breaker, home-based businesses are undergoing a ‘survival of the fittest’ moment, where the successful are still going strong online, while the very successful are now opening brick-and-mortar stores. One such example is Guilt, an all-cookie bakery that has moved from digital to physical, with their flagship shop set to open on 21 November on Arab Street.

Founded by friends Grace Kim and Kirsty Tang, Guilt was a passion project that the duo dove into after Kirsty lost her job, and Grace went through a bad heartbreak, all under the whip of COVID-19.

Their non-stop baking gave life to a line of 13 cookies that Guilt brands as “Girl Scout cookies gone wild”—a point the menu lives up to with names like Spill The Tea, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Tinder Surprise on it.

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Food at Guilt

The cookie market in Singapore now has two distinct camps: Levain cookies, a nod to the famous New York-based Levain bakery’s signature cake-like cookies, and Nasty Cookie-esque whoppers, where cookies are pumped full of sinful toppings. Guilt’s offerings lie somewhere in the sweet middle. Their cookies are dense and chewy, with curious flavours that entice without sounding like jelak bombs. 

In the classic camp is their pioneering product, the Walk of Shame ($4.50), where dark chocolate chip meets a caramel-infused cookie, and goes on a date with extra-dark chocolate chunks and a marshmallow centre.

Bittersweet, with a gooey, chewy middle thanks to the marshmallow, this spin on the average S’mores cookie hits the spot as it is not too sugary.

The Tinder Surprise ($4.50) is another OG for Guilt, a simple combination of

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