Little Twin Stars x Kumoya Pop-Up Cafe

Sanrio fans have something to look forward to yet again, now that the Gudetama x Bad Badtz-Maru cafe has come to the end of its run. This 19 November, Kumoya brings us yet another exciting collaboration in the form of a pop-up cafe, featuring Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala! 

This new Little Twin Stars cafe is better known as the Orchid Starry Dreamz Pop-up Cafe. It will run for three months from 19 November at Kumoya, along Jalan Klapa, where fans have previously been dazzled by Care Bears, Cinnamoroll and My Little Pony. The pop-up will end in February 2021.

Expect to be wowed by menu creations from award-winning bento artist and blogger Little Miss Bento, whose adorable bento and food styling has won her widespread acclaim. She has previously helped design the menus for the Gudetama and My Melody cafes in Singapore, as well as at the previous Kumoya pop-ups. 

The menu at the Orchid Starry Dreamz pop-up cafe will feature a selection of six snacks, six mains, four desserts and seven beverages, priced between $10.90 and $26.90.

Top on our list of items to try would be the Little Twin Stars Magic Starry Breakfast ($26.90), which comes with two absolutely pretty pastel pink and blue star-shaped slices of toast. These come with pats of butter moulded in the shapes of Kiki and Lala’s faces, with scrambled eggs in a crescent on the side.

Another savoury must is the LaLa Karaage Chicken With Beetroot Cream Sauce ($23.90), where a beetroot sauce, reminiscent of comforting Campbell’s soup, is accompanied by fragrant pearl rice and karaage chicken.

If you prefer a burger, try the Little Twin Stars Double-Double Sliders ($26.90), where a blue and pink duo of bao buns nestle salmon

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