Hello, friends! Burnt Ends Bakery is no stranger to the baking scene in Singapore. Just a couple of months ago, the award-winning spot had introduced Milo Dinosaur Donut, and it was the perfect treat. Tear the fluffy donut apart to unveil smooth Milo custard. Well, this time around, we will be introducing another baked good. Are you up for some tarts?

Burnt Ends Bakery’s Signature Berry Tart Looks So Wholesome Photo: @burntends.bakery_sg (Instagram)Photo: @tasteoftasha (Instagram)

Well, it is noted that Burnt Ends Bakery’s baked goods are good, but this is surely something else. Recently posted on its social media account, the promising bakery had introduced its Famous Burnt Ends Berry Tart. A favourite among pastry enthusiasts, the berry tart has been around since May 2013. The bestselling tart is highly requested for many good reasons.

Photo: @tart_tatin (Instagram)Photo: @tasteoftasha (Instagram)

Baked to a golden brown, it all starts with a thin yet crumbly crust. Then, it is smothered with velvet almond cream. The tart comes to life with a burst of colours from the mixed berries right on top. You will find this creation to be jam-packed with blueberries and a handful of raspberries. The delicate tart is made to order. Perfect as a centerpiece, the whole tart is priced at $95, and it serves up to eleven people.

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