Fluff Stack is now halal

Souffle pancake cafes are dime a dozen in Singapore, but halal ones have not existed until Fluff Stack recently announced in a Facebook post that it has attained a halal certification.

With two outlets in Northpoint level two, and Suntec City basement one, Fluff Stack has become a popular choice for people craving these jiggly stacks. Both outlets tend to draw long queues, as people line up for these pillowy pancakes that are made to order. You can read our Fluff Stack review if you want to know what the hype is all about.

Fluff Stack Review: Souffle Pancakes With Strawberry Cheese And Chocolate Hazelnut Toppings

The pancakes at Fluff Stack take a minimum of 15 minutes to prepare, and that is without a crowd, so do expect to wait if you dine there. To get the wobbly, #thicc discs on to your plate, the meringue must be slowly folded into the batter, piped on a hot plate, cooked, then flipped to seal, before service.

Prices start at just $8.80 for the original Classic pancakes, unadorned except with a dollop of cream and syrup. This base recipe gets upgraded into the likes of Strawberry Cheese ($12.80), Hazelnut Chocolate ($13.80), Mango Passionfruit ($14.80), a popular Oolong Boba ($13.80), and more.

Also served at the cafe are a variety of beverages, including cold brew, coffees, and teas.

This promising move by Fluff Stack to be more inclusive to a wider dining audience sets an example for more dessert chains in Singapore to hopefully move towards gaining a halal certification too.

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