All aboard! Nasty Cookie is well-regarded for creating the most amazing cookies in town. Chew on interesting flavours such as Creme Brulee Cookie, Biscoff Cookie, Tiramisu Cookie, and so many choices!

Photo: @nastycookiee (Instagram)

You will be excited to know that it has finally opened a new outlet at Orchard Gateway. The latest ‘gram-worthy outlet is definitely worth visiting.

Latest Outlet Has A Train-Themed In Tiffany Blue Photo: @nastycookiee (Instagram)

Dressed in Nasty Cookie’s iconic blue, the latest outlet at Orchard Gateway resembles a train. Lucky for all of us, this ‘train’ wouldn’t be moving, and you will be able to enjoy your cookies in peace.

Photo: @nastycookiee (Instagram)

The long hallway has seats on both sides, standing side tables, and even handles to complete the look! The ‘windows’ shows the skyscrapers in purple hues. Super pretty. It is definitely one for the ‘gram if Tiffany blue speaks to you.

Photo: @nastycookiee (Instagram)

Apart from getting your daily dose of cookies, you will be excited to know that merchandise is available to be purchased right here, too. So, if you’re a big fan of Nasty Cookie and would like the world to know – you know what to do!

Nasty Cookie At Orchard Gateway Photo: @nastycookiee (Instagram)

Cookie lovers, it’s

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