Now, there’s no point denying that potatoes are versatile. There are so many ways to cook it! No matter the ways of making it, it is always good. In other words, it will never disappoint. One of the best dishes out of potatoes? Hashbrowns, of course. It’s crunchy on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside.

Every bite is heavenly. One hashbrown is never enough – right? Well, what happens when it is really thick?

The Thicc-kest Hashbrowns We Have Ever Seen Photo: (Instagram)

We are here to introduce the thickest hashbrown we have ever seen. It’s so thick, you can even make a meal out of it. Find this masterpiece at Artichoke, a Middle Eastern restaurant located in Singapore.

Photo: @eatingwithblair (Instagram)

Available in Artichoke’s dinner menu, locate it at the Vege section. The self-explanatory dish, ‘Thicc Hash Brown, Sour Cream, Chive Za’atar’ is priced at $14. For this dish, you will be able to customise by adding your own toppings such as trout roe for an additional $5.

Photo: @happyplates_sg (Instagram)

Although Artichoke has many other great offerings, it appears that this particular dish takes the cake for being the most delicious.

Photo: (Instagram)

Some other interesting selections include ‘Chicken Erfa Kebab’, ‘Charcoal Grilled-Duck Shish Taouk’, ‘Black Angus Chuck Rib, Sweet Shallots’.

Find It All Artichoke Singapore

Will you be sharing this special dish with anyone?

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