Breakfast is the important meal of the day, and one should never skip it. Lucky for all of us, there are many spots in Singapore with great breakfast spreads. Whether you’re planning for a wholesome breakfast at a cafe, or go local with mouthwatering dishes, we have them all.

Fluffy Hainanese Kaya Butter Toasts Is A Must-Have Photo: @yeastiepals (Instagram)

No doubt that Hainanese Kaya Butter Toasts is a breakfast staple. Pair it together with some soft-boiled eggs and a cup of black coffee, and your day has been made. It’s time to hit the road and head over to YY Kafei Dan, a go-to spot for some toasts!

Photo: @whatthefeasts (Instagram)

It all starts with freshly baked fluffy toasts! Then, it is cut into thick pieces, before getting slathered with Hainaese kaya. For its finishing touch, a cube of cold butter placed in the middle. The benchmark-setting Hainanese Kaya Butter Toast is priced at roughly $1.30.

Photo: @singaporefoodbutler (Instagram)

It is presented as a normal loaf of bread, so be sure to open it up and take one for the ‘gram before taking a mouthful. The soft-boiled eggs look pretty legit, too. Not too hard, not too soft. It’s the perfect consistency to dip some toasts inside!

Available At YY Kafei Dan In Singapore Photo: @sweatforbread (Instagram)

It’s time to tag your breakfast crew!

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