BBang Sori home bakers make Korean loaves

Think of bread trends in the past year, and most of them hail from Korea. 2020 gave us the rise of garlic cream cheese buns, injeolmi bread, and now, nama chocolate mini loaves. Inspired by the famous Royce Nama Chocolate, these melt-in-your-mouth lava bread loaves are made by Bbang Sori, a Korean home baking business based in Singapore.

Image credit: @bbangsori_tsob

Bbang Sori currently runs their business on their Instagram page, and has four items on the menu, with the Chocolate ($7.50) being their signature. Described by fans as “chocolate heaven”, “amazingly delicious”, and more, these mini loaves seem like they’re made of 90% chocolate, and 10% pillowy soft bread. The chocolate has the consistency of a thick ganache when cold, but when you heat it up, it turns into a molten pool instead. It can be very messy to eat, but that is part of the satisfaction.

Image credit: @bbangsori_tsob

If chocolate is not your thing, Bbang Sori has three other loaves to try. Fans of injeolmi will definitely want to try their Injeolmi ($7.50) loaf, with a silky, nutty injeolmi cream sitting atop a bed of housemade red bean paste in the middle of the loaf. The cream also hides little bits of mochi for chew, giving the loaf more texture. While the cream isn’t greasy, the richness of the red bean does overpower the injeolmi slightly.

Image credit: @bbangsori_tsob

Savoury lovers, there is the Sausage & Cheese ($5.50) loaf. An upgrade from what you find at neighbourhood bakeries, this mini loaf hides a full German-style sausage, wrapped in a pickle and cheese mixture. Equal parts smoky and fatty, warm this bun up to make the cheese gooier.

Lastly, they sell their Plain ($3.50) loaves too, if you

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