White Rabbit CNY snacks at Gin Thye

Last Chinese New Year, local old-school confectioner Gin Thye introduced White Rabbit kuih bahulu just in time for the festive season. This year, they’re back with an expanded range, including White Rabbit cornflake cookies, ice cream, and egg rolls.

We spied the range on a supermarket run to NTUC FairPrice, which carries Gin Thye’s collection of White Rabbit products. They’re impossible to miss, each plastic container emblazoned with the unmistakable White Rabbit logo.

Gin Thye Has White Rabbit Kuih Bahulu And Brown Sugar Chiffon Cake For CNY 

Having gotten our hands on the cornflake cookies, we found ourselves pleasantly surprised by the combination of textures. While we associate the taste of White Rabbit with sticky, chewy candy, here, it’s transformed into a crunchy mouthful.

We’re happy to say that each cornflake cookie has that signature milky, vanilla taste of White Rabbit candy. You’ll not be escaping the sticky fingers situation too, as it’s as gooey as the original milk candy. It’s is sweetened with honey, so definitely expect a sugar high.

Image credit: NTUC FairPrice Online

Price wise, a 300g jar of White Rabbit Cornflake Cookies costs $12.80. The White Rabbit Egg Rolls, on the other hand, is priced at $13.80, while a tub of their homemade White Rabbit Gelato Ice Cream costs $19.90. These prices are only exclusive to NTUC FairPrice, as it appears they cost more when you order direct from Gin Thye’s webstore.

Image credit: NTUC FairPrice Online

While Gin Thye released their kuih bahulu on various online platforms last year, it appears that this year’s collection is only available at NTUC FairPrice’s physical outlets, as well as on NTUC FairPrice’s e-store, and the bakery’s online store.

If you’re a massive White Rabbit

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