Fluff Stack Westgate

Dessert lovers will definitely know of Fluff Stack as one of the fastest-growing souffle pancake cafes in Singapore. Their flagship Suntec City outlet then expanded into a second cafe in Yishun’s Northpoint, and now, they have announced a third Fluff Stack Westgate opening to come in February 2021.

Their choice to open in the West follows their recent choice to make all Fluff Stack outlets halal-certified, so their souffle pancakes are now more accessible to diners than ever. Hungry Westies can expect their signature pancake menu at the new cafe, featuring five main pancakes.

Flavours start with the Classic ($8.80), with plain pancakes topped with syrup and cream. These plain pancakes take 15 minutes to make as they have to reach prime jiggly perfection.

The same pancakes appear in their other flavours, such as the creamy Strawberry Cheese ($12.80), Nutella-inspired Hazelnut Chocolate ($13.80), fruity Mango Passionfruit ($14.80), and aromatic Oolong Boba ($13.80). The last one is inspired by bubble tea, served with actual boba pearls for added texture.

No word is out yet on the exact opening date, as well as the unit number of Fluff Stack Westgate, but we’ll update this article when we know.

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