L32 Handmade Noodles In Geylang

Ban mian, with its piping hot soup and QQ noodles, is irresistible even in Singapore’s heat. I often fall prey to this dish, backed by a love for anything handmade. Geylang is the last place I expected to find good ban mian, as the neighbourhood has built a reputation for supper food. So, I was surprised to discover L32 Handmade Noodles, alongside late-night stalls that sell dim sum and bak kut teh.

L32 makes all their noodles fresh to order. The auntie at the storefront was clad in a flour-dusted apron, feeding the noodle maker machine with sheets of dough, and turning them into delicate noodle strands.

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Food at L32 Handmade Noodles

As with other handmade noodle stores, you can choose ban mian, you mian, or mee hoon kueh, dry or in soup. What makes L32 stand out is their range of toppings. Apart from the usual minced pork, there’s also chicken, seafood, fish balls, and meatballs.

We started the meal with their Prawn and Sliced Fish Ban Mian Soup ($7.30). It came with two prawns, a few slices of fish, and an egg.

The soup here is boiled for up to ten hours with anchovies, starring a clean sweetness, enhanced by vegetable stems.

Their house-made ikan bilis was super crispy, and elevated the broth with dashes of umami. In fact, some people love these ikan bilis so much, they top up $1 to have more.

The egg was served with a runny yolk, which we mixed into the soup for a creamy finish.

The ban mian noodles were delightfully QQ, despite soaking up the broth. They also tasted

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