Hey there, are you looking for something out of the ordinary to do over the weekends? Well, we got you covered! Trust us, this is going to be an interesting activity for the entire family!

Check Out The Oldest Dragon Kiln In Singapore Photo: Thow Kwang Pottery (Facebook)

You’re probably wondering, what’s a dragon kiln? After all, it is not something that we will usually talk about on a daily basis. As explained by Wikipedia, a dragon kiln, or a climbing kiln, is a traditional Chinese form of kiln that is used for Chinese ceramics.

Photo: Thow Kwang Pottery (Facebook)

Prominent in southern parts of China, it is long and thin with a steep slope. The oldest dragon kiln is located in Thow Kwang Pottery. Built in the 1940s, the surviving dragon kiln is made for wood-firing. Although it is the oldest, it is still working! In fact, there are events held when the dragon kiln is set on fire, and guests can gather around to watch this once in a lifetime experience.

Photo: Thow Kwang Pottery (Facebook)Photo: Thow Kwang Pottery (Instagram)

In addition to this, Thow Kwang Pottery has workshops for pottery, too. It is a fun time learning how to make different types of potteries with your loved ones. Check out different things to make including mugs, bowls, plates, sake sets,

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