Greetings! One thing for sure, we love buns, especially when there are fillings inside.

Check Out Jo-Yi Bakery For Jam-Packed Buns Photo: @raycheeryeoh (Instagram)Photo: @imbreadytoeat (Instagram)

Stumbled upon Instagram, Jo-Yi Bakery is a Taiwanese inspired bakery that makes the fluffiest buns jam-packed with fillings. Created by a husband and wife duo, the business is slot-based. So, if you’re keen to try out these buns, be sure to order early!

Photo: @morepestoplease (Instagram)Photo: @food.pei (Instagram)

Checking out its Instagram, there’s nothing but praises over these beautiful buns. You will be excited to know that there are many interesting flavours to choose from. Some of them even have mochi fillings. Indulge in Black Sesame (mochi), Red Bean (mochi), Black Glutinous Rice (mochi), Purple Sweet Potato (mochi), and many more!

Photo: @food.pei (Instagram)Photo: @jo.yi.bakery (Instagram)

Recently, Jo-Yi Bakery has new releases. Jumping into the Japanese bandwagon, it has release Matcha Azuki. In addition to this, Kaya Peanut is also new! But, if it is your first time trying, you will need to try out Blueberry Overload. The glistening jam will definitely be the highlight of your day!

These Are Some Buns Worth

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