Roti at Chinatown

Roti gained online popularity with their IG-worthy bun with fillings that are more than what its price suggests. Roti, a Malay umbrella term for all sorts of bread, bears an equally unassuming storefront just a stone’s throw from Chinatown MRT Station. But don’t be fooled by the humble exterior and name, as it’s been quite a celebrity on the ‘gram. 

The take-out concept of the shop bears the spirit of what “roti” means to us Singaporeans—a simple utilitarian grab-to-go meal option. I visited their Chinatown branch and felt like a kid in a candy shop. The wide selection of bread left me spoiled for choice and I ended up picking five, leaving the rest for my next visit.

Food at Roti

I began my bread party with the highly raved Black Sesame ($1). Most of the buns had a slightly glossy brownish exterior, similar to what you see at other neighbourhood bakeries.

I split the bun in anticipation of overflowing fillings but was instead greeted by a sparse and dry paste. I couldn’t help but feel that my fillings were cheated.

Thankfully, the second black sesame bun I got lived closer to expectations, so I guess there’s a 50% chance of getting a good bun here. 

Consistency issues aside, the rather sweet filling overpowered any semblance of black sesame within the paste. As I tend to prefer retaining the gritty texture and bitter aroma of black sesame, the paste was not to my liking. It was by no means a bad paste to go inside a bun, it was just not a great sesame paste.

The online reviews of the Red Bean ($0.80) were divided into two camps: one side highly recommended the value-for-money sweet treat, and the other recommended to give

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