We love celebrating our loved ones, especially on their birthdays. Although we should celebrate our loved ones every day, birthdays are the perfect reason for cakes! Now, not all of us love sweet, sweet cakes, but savoury cakes are a rarity. If family and friends love chicken rice, it is time to check this one out!

Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice Offers Chicken Rice Cakes Photo: Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice (Facebook)

Chicken rice is well-loved in Singapore. No doubt, there are many spots around Singapore that offer a good plate. To spot a good chicken rice stall, one simply needs to find a long queue. One of the popular spots, Uncle Louis Chicken Rice, is now offering chicken rice cakes for pre-order.

Photo: Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice (Facebook)Photo: Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice (Facebook)

Started by ex Hilton chef, Louis Tan, Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice is well-regarded for its poached chicken, roasted chicken, roasted pork belly, among others. During the first Circuit Breaker, Uncle Louis has decided to venture into the ‘cake’ industry by creating its first-ever chicken rice birthday cake.

Photo: Wan Ting at subtle asian traits (Facebook)

Caught the attention of many, it is now a permanent fixture on its menu. It starts with a bed of rice that shapes like a cake. On the sides, you

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