Mun’s Seafood Pao Fan at Ghim Moh

“Ex-hotel chef turned hawker” stories have become a norm, but it doesn’t mean they are any less exciting. The latest name to join the bandwagon is Mun’s Seafood Paofan at Ghim Moh. It is headed by Chef Mun, who has more than 30 years of experience cooking at a hotel and various Chinese restaurants. Taking a different direction from the likes of pao fan hawkers such as King of Pao Fan, his dishes are intended to be more simple and relatable to the masses of Ghim Moh.

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Food at Mun’s Seafood Pao Fan

The menu comprises six dishes: Seafood Pao Fan ($6.90), Fish Ball Pork Rice ($5.80), Ipoh Mixed Pork Noodle ($5.80) and more. Chef Mun currently has no intention of expanding and that is understandable as it does seem like his kitchen is already operating at maximum capacity.

After I placed my order, Chef Mun heated up the broth and ingredients over an induction cooker, speeding up the preparation process as things got hectic during lunch hours.

The pao fan’s broth took five hours of preparation and was concocted using the chef’s own recipe. The broth was really light with slight hints of sweetness, which is unlike the stronger broth found in other pao fan stalls I’ve visited. 

Considering the shop’s name, it was instinctive that I ordered Seafood Pao Fan ($6.90). The most aesthetically pleasing of the menu, this dish was accompanied by a display of prawns, fish slices, and a scallop on its shell. 

The prawns had a springy texture and gave a satisfying crunch when bitten into. The succulence of the prawns pleasantly amazed me as

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