Alcoholic bubble tea and more at Orchard Plaza

If there’s one thing we’ve gathered about the Korean wave in Singapore is that we really love all things Korean, especially soju. Combining this obsession and the local love for bubble tea, Jincha has made a name for itself as the first Korean-themed tea shop in Singapore. 

Opened in December 2020, they sell soju-infused bubble teas and non-alcoholic milk or flavoured teas, out of their sole branch at Orchard Plaza.

The shop is also the brainchild of the owners behind the The3Peas bar in Robertson Quay. Their bartending experience led the owners to create a number of unique soju concoctions available at Jincha, all of which are the result of countless hours of R&D by their team.

My unrequited love for soju made it compulsory to pay them a visit, together with a drinking companion.

Drinks at Jincha

I knew I had to dive right into their specialty alcoholic concoctions, starting with the Secret Crush With Strawberry Boba ($10.30). The drink is made with Jinro strawberry soju, a dash of elderflower, and a hint of lemon citrus, with a light pinkish appearance as a result of the mix. It has a profound citrusy taste and is slightly sweet, with the right amount of floral notes. 

It’s also worth noting that every cup of their alcoholic drinks come with about 150ml of soju mixed into it. 

Sold separately, the strawberry popping boba added texture and intensified the taste of berries. I especially enjoyed the burst of sugary strawberry flavour in my mouth, reminiscent of those served in my primary school tuckshop. But, I felt like the drink’s fruitiness could sometimes be overpowering, diluting the alcoholic kick of the soju. Nevertheless, I think they’ve managed to create a refreshing

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