Look at this feast! The Keisuke Group continues to expand in Singapore with yet another concept – Keisuke Chicken Yakiniku Tori Yaro – this time a standalone chicken specialty offering fresh cuts for yakiniku and plenty of customisable sauces.  What’s more unusual is this outlet is tucked in a coffeeshop in Geylang, blending into the local scene. Well, we did get UNESCO recognition for our hawker culture recently, so this fits right in. You get your own little grill to cook the food on, and the al fresco setting means you won’t smell like BBQ. 
It’s a lovely meal to share with a friend or a small group, chatting over delicious bites. 

Keisuke in a kopitiam. The other benefit is that it keeps prices down low. Check out the menu.


Keisuke’s prices have always been reasonable but now this outlet offers even greater value. By the way, the Assorted Chicken Intestines refers more to innards in general, not specifically intestines. So a heart, gizzard and liver medley.

So this is the mixed meat set. We opted for the Spicy marinade, which is pretty well-balanced, i.e. not that spicy despite its reddish appearance. 
The Original seasoning is a classic blend of garlic, sesame oil, salt, and pepper. 

Nankotsu or Chicken Soft Bone: I always love soft bone but they still taste better boiled thoroughly rather than grilled (still too chewy). 
What’s really good here are the soft and juicy Tsukune (meatballs, see pic below). The Chicken Calvi (Karubi?) also comes recommended as a tender cut. 
You can also opt for extras like the Cheese Fondue Sauce or Mentai Mayo, cups of butter corn or garlic. 

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