Ready to combat the scorching heat from the sun? Let’s head down to Chinatown Complex Food Centre!

$2 Chendol At Old Amoy Chendol Photo: @jiamtaorotee (Instagram) Photo: @veenl1 (Instagram)

There are many interesting eats at Chinatown Complex Food Centre. One should never leave this food court without having some desserts. If you love local desserts, you will love Old Amoy Chendol. Despite serving a bowl of chendol for only $2, there is a lot of work to be done for preparations.

Photo: @johorkaki (Instagram) Photo: @nsfeats (Instagram)

Preparing everything scratch, the green jelly, also known as chendol, requires the most work. First and foremost, the owner will need to extract the juice from pandan leaves for flavour and colour. While it is boiling for eight hours with other ingredients, it needs to be continuously stirred to ensure a smooth texture.

Photo: @michellu (Instagram) Photo: @michellu (Instagram)

After that, the owner will need to manually create ‘worm-like’ shape. No doubt, the chendol right here looks very different compared to other stalls. The perfect bowl of chendol is prepared with cold-pressed coconut

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