Happy Congee In Bendemeer

While most people turn to cafes, my kind of brunch looks like savoury congee and silky chee cheong fun, shared with family at the neighbourhood hawker centre. Happy Congee at Bendemeer takes these comforting dishes up a notch, serving up renditions with mala and abalone.

The owner personally learned recipes from a Hong Kong chef, who cooked at the likes of famous porridge restaurant, Da Wan Zhou. Learning about this, we were eager to dig in, backed by the good vibes from the team of cheery staff who manned the stall.

Food at Happy Congee

Happy Congee does mainly congee and chee cheong fun, dressed with various toppings. They also have a small selection of snacks, where you can get Dough Sticks ($2) to dip into your congee, or Pickled Vegetables ($3.80) to refresh your palate.

We started the meal with their Black Iberico Pork Congee ($5) and topped up an egg for $0.80. Pork congee is my go-to, and I was excited to see how this fared with their use of Iberico pork. The dish came in a heaping portion, with pork slices and chopped mushrooms, then topped with spring onions.

The congee was incredibly thick, with a creamy, starch-like consistency that’s true to a traditional Cantonese style porridge. However, I found that the flavour was rather bland, which did not complement its viscous texture.

I couldn’t stop digging for the Iberico pork slices, which were tasty on their own, without requiring much seasoning. These tender slices of pork also retained a slight chew, providing some textural contrast against the starchy congee.

We paid $8 for their Seafood Abalone Congee, which might seem like a hefty price for a meal at the food court. However, this bowl

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