Fu Shi Traditional Roasted in Marsiling Mall

A decent plate of roasted meat really isn’t that difficult to find around Singapore, but a really memorable roast meat stall is hard to come by. Those who stay in the North are blessed with the existence of Fu Shi Traditional Roasted, which already has its share of loyal customers despite only being in Marsiling for three years.

However, with close to 15 years of experience dishing out their signature roast char siew, sio bak, and duck, their name might ring a bell for frequenters of Shunfu Mart, where they originally set up shop for the first 10 years before relocating to Marsiling Mall. A self-proclaimed simp for fatty, gelatinous slices of char siew myself, I immediately leapt at the opportunity to visit this hawker gem.

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Food at Fu Shi Traditional Roasted

In all honesty, my first impression of the Char Siew Wanton Mee With Roast Pork ($6) wasn’t all that great, as it looked pretty normal with no stand-out ingredient. Their QQ yellow egg noodles were served with choy sum vegetables, dark char siew, and roasted pork belly, with a side of their milder chilli. Unlike more zhnged-up versions as seen in Bei-ing Wanton Mee for example, this stall focuses more on fundamentals and simplicity.

What really gives the dish its oomph would be the crackling sio bak. The key to a phenomenal piece of roasted meat is not just its exterior, but also its interior and Fu Shi has got both of that covered well. 

The skin had a noticeable crunch when bitten into yet remained very light. Best thing is they don’t compromise on their skin-to-meat ratio, with a

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