Hello! Are you craving a satisfying Tze Char meal in Singapore? While there are plenty scattered all over, there aren’t many that offer a fulfilling Tze Char that’s at the same time, a bang for your bucks. So we’re here to let you guys in on Siang Garden’s new Tze Char outlet over at Kallang. In fact, there’s even an opening promotion that you need to check out.

Siang Garden Has Opened A New Outlet At Kallang

Siang Garden opened its very first outlet in Singapore at Woodlands and now with a new outlet in Kallang, we will have one more new spot to check out. So without further ado, here are some of the signature dishes that you should try out.

Siang Garden Kallang Singapore

1. Assam Fish Head

When you’re at Siang Garden, you most definitely have to try the Assam Fish Head. It comes with greens such as tomatoes, onions, ladyfingers, pineapple, and a variety of condiments like Assam sauce, fish sauce, and lime juice. The Assam sauce is made using a passed-down recipe of at least 50 years with Peranakan influences. 

Siang Garden Kallang Singapore

For its new opening, you can now enjoy the Assam Fish Head at a special offer of only RM9.90 so don’t miss out on this!

Siang Garden Kallang Singapore

2. Curry Fish

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