Dim sum buffet at Majestic Bay Restaurant

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Dining at Gardens by the Bay doesn’t necessarily have to bust a hole in your wallet, as Majestic Bay Restaurant proves with its a la carte dim sum buffet. Available daily between 11:30am and 7pm till the end of June, it’s all-you-can-eat, with prices from $26++!

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The spread includes more than 30 items, some of which can only be served once at each table. These single-serve items include signatures such as Cantonese Roast Duck, Herbal Poached Sea Prawns, and Coffee Sauce Pork Belly Ribs. Should you take a liking to the Cantonese Roast Duck, you can even get a whole duck to bring home at just $25!

Image credit: @majesticbayrestaurant

Some highlights from the all-you-can-eat items include a Cold Century Egg Tofu that features homemade tofu, as well as crunchy tobiko. Another somewhat luxe item you can have lots of is the Onsen Egg in Truffle Oil, alongside more typical dim sum items.

Image credit: @indulgentism

These span classic dim sum staples such as Xiao Long Bao, Pan-Seared Radish Cake, Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice, and Crispy Beancurd Skin Rolls. There are also Cantonese favourites including a comforting Century Egg Porridge.

If dim sum isn’t enough to fill you up, the buffet menu also includes soup, and rice and noodle dishes. There’s a Wok-Fried Beef Hor Fun, and Egg Fried Rice in Seafood Sauce, as well as Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Ee Fu Noodles With Chives, and many more. On weekends, there’s even a Seafood Hor Fun on the menu!

There are three seatings for this dim sum buffet every day, each giving you 1.5 hours at the table. While the weekday dim sum buffet costs $26++, the weekend, and public holiday, rates are $33++

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