There are many hawkers that offer amazing plates of oyster omelette. Some of the criteria for a perfect plate include having fresh and large oysters, and eggs that are a little starchy. But, if you don’t like the combination of oysters and eggs only, check out this hawker at Berseh Food Centre!

Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Serves UFO-Shaped Deep-Fried Oyster Cakes


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Strategically located in Berseh Food Centre, Fu Zhou Poh Hwa is one of the many hawkers that specialises in one item only. Serving only oyster cakes, this spot is no stranger to long queues. As oyster cakes are a rare gem, some people make their way from near and far just to have a taste of it.


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Netizens claimed that the oyster cakes are definitely worth the wait. Shaped like a UFO, the oyster cakes are huge and plump! Made fresh upon order, the oyster cake has a thin and crispy exterior. For an extra crunch, it is sprinkled with some roasted peanuts.


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