McDonald’s gula melaka ice cream

McDonald’s has been on a roll lately, with the return of the popular McMuffin Stack, and launch of their staycation packages, which include limited-edition merchandise. Now, McDonald’s has introduced a new range of gula melaka desserts, including sundae, McFlurry, and their quintessential soft-serve ice cream cone. These will be available for a limited time only, across all McDonald’s outlets with dessert kiosks.

Image credit: @sg.moguu

For those uninitiated to gula melaka, it’s a type of coconut palm sugar, typically seen in desserts such as ondeh ondeh. The gula melaka ice cream cone at McDonald’s rings in the till at just $1, laced with a coconutty fragrance. If you’re a loyal fan to the fast-food chain’s signature vanilla soft-serve cone, you can get a Twist Cone ($1) filled with both vanilla, and gula melaka ice cream.

Image credit: @mcdsg

There’s also the Gula Melaka Hot Fudge Sundae ($2), slathered generously with warm chocolate sauce. Otherwise, go all out with the Gula Melaka McFlurry ($3), peppered with crushed Oreo bits.

McDonald’s has also recently announced that the Spicy Chicken McNuggets (from $5.05) will be taken off the menu from 12 April. Especially for spice-loving Singaporeans, hurry down to snap these fiery morsels of delight before they are gone. While you’re here, be sure to get your hands on the Chocolate Pie ($1.50) and Potato Wedges ($4.20), as they won’t be available for long as well.

Apart from McDonald’s, Singapore’s fast-food scene has been really vibrant of late. There’s Popeyes’ new spicy XL crispy chicken cutlet, a face-sized chicken fritter that’s available for a limited time only. Burger King has also launched a brand new chocolate Whopper, as well as nuggets with a chocolate dipping sauce. Whether this savoury-sweet combination works, we’ll leave that up to

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