How do you cool off from the heat? With so many options available such as boba milk tea, shaved ice, or the rather odd way of staying indoors, we have one more to add to your list. Head over to your nearest McDonald’s S’pore and try out the latest range of Gula Melaka ice cream.

NEW Locally Inspired Gula Melaka Ice Cream At McDonald’s S’pore

We all know how our very own McDonald’s often releases unique items. For ice cream, we’ve had a share of Bandung, Milk Tea, Hershey’s, and the list goes on. Today, McDonald’s is once again, winning over the hearts of many dessert lovers with the latest Gula Melaka Soft Serve.

Gula Melaka Ice Cream McDonald's SingaporePhoto: @thefoodieanonymous (Instagram)

The Gula Melaka ice cream cone is priced at $1 and you can also get the Twist Cone ($1) which comes in a mix of both vanilla and Gula Melaka.

Gula Melaka Ice Cream McDonald's SingaporePhoto: (Website)

Or, go all the way by trying out the Gula Melaka Hot Fudge Sundae ($2) that comes with chocolate sauce. Oreo lovers, you need to try the Gula Melaka McFlurry ($3) that has Oreo bits topped alongside smooth, coconutty Gula Melaka ice cream.

Gula Melaka Ice Cream McDonald's SingaporePhoto: (Website) Ice Cream Lovers, Try This Out!

So which is your pick? For us, we’d say give them all

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