682 Min Jiang Kueh At Hougang

The origin of min jiang kueh dates back to ancient China, where they were originally made with just peanut fillings. Fast forward to the 21st century, 682 Min Jiang Kueh at Broadway Food Centre carries on the popularity of this dessert all the way to the Instagram feeds of Gen Zs with their IG-worthy  min jiang kueh.

Being stuffed with boldly coloured fillings, 682 Min Jiang Kueh ignited a new found love for this traditional dish among the Hougang breakfast crowd.

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Food at 682 Min Jiang Kueh

By this point, the internet’s obsession with orh nee is almost a given and it’s a sin to not begin this review with this almighty yam paste. 

The aromatic and nutty Yam (1.50) min jiang kueh had a silky smooth texture, and bore resemblance to the orh nee bread filling from Roti Bakery. The paste itself was also slightly sticky and made for some short-lived fun before you get texture fatigue from all the chewing. 

Moving along the colour wheel, I was convinced the Coconut ($1.20) might actually glow in the dark. Encased in a fluffy brown pillow, the desiccated coconut was soaked in orange sugar that contributed to the bright hue.

The sweet crunch of the coconut flakes complemented the chewy exterior well. Do ensure you are prepared to catch the fillings that seemed too eager to escape from the pancake.

Despite the dark green paste of the Green Tea ($1.30) that strongly suggested the use of food colouring, I still went ahead to order this pancake for the sole reason of adding more colour to my IG feed. The paste bore light bitter green tea

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