Easy Mexican food at home

In my household, Sundays mean family dinners. Though it’s nice to always come together and dine, it does become a bit of a hassle sometimes when we either run out of ideas on what to cook, or just feel plain lazy. Enter a game-changer: Old El Paso’s DIY Mexican products and meal kits.

Not only are their products a gateway to an easy Mexican meal, but the DIY nature of Old El Paso also allows the whole family to come together, interact, and have a good time over putting together different combinations on their plate while at the dinner table.

The Mexican food brand has a wide array of products to help you make a Mexican feast at home with minimal fuss, and maximum fun. Their Taco Shells (from $7.50), for instance, come in a pack of 12, and include a handy spice mix that you can use to make an easy beef filling that is equally delicious. 

If that wasn’t easy enough, the pack makes it extra-accessible to make fillings for your tacos with straightforward instructions on it. Simply heat up a pan, cook your minced meat with the spice mix and grated carrots, and you’re done. 

The taco shells themselves require minimal prep too—simply heating them up in the oven renders them extra crispy and dinner-ready. At home, I like to lay the taco shells out on the table after they have been warmed, accompanied by a spread of other fillings, such as lettuce, chopped tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and salsa so that the family can DIY their own combinations for dinner. Trust me, it’s taco night at home with less than 20 minutes of work.

Introduce some more variety to the table with the Old El Paso

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