Icebar in Hougang

Singapore’s ice cream and gelato scene is rather saturated, with new contenders cropping up on the regular, such as Burnt Cones and Pints & Cones. This comes as both good and bad news to me—there’s a plethora of options, but it also becomes harder to impress. With that in mind, my colleague and I zipped down to Icebar, eager to see how this new gelato cafe-bar in Hougang Green Shopping Mall, fared against others of its kind.

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Food at Icebar

We started our sweets frenzy with the Waffles With Double Scoop ($12.60), topped with Honeycomb Snickers and Speculoos gelato. As the latter is a premium flavour, we had to top up $1. At first glance, this dessert looked like a messy affair, drizzled generously with chocolate sauce.

My ideal waffles are crispy on the outside, and fluffy within. Sadly for me, Icebar’s version tasted cakey throughout, with just a slight crispiness on the exterior. Although I expected a buttery fragrance, these waffles sported a nutty sweetness that threw me off. They also turned soggy quickly, soaking up the melted gelato and chocolate sauce.

The disappointment continued when I took my first bite of the Honeycomb Snickers gelato, as I couldn’t discern any honeyed fragrance. It was also missing the caramel notes, and crunchy peanuts found in a Snickers bar.

This scoop of gelato merely came with a vanilla base that’s flecked with cookie crumbs. If I hadn’t ordered Honeycomb Snickers myself, I would have honestly thought this was Cookies And Cream instead. Texture-wise, the gelato was a little more sticky than I would have liked. However, the grittiness of the cookie crumbs did

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