Japanese buffet at Kumo Japanese Dining

When it comes to Japanese food, I rarely prefer quantity over quality, with the only exception so far being buffets. Fortunately, Kumo Japanese Dining covers both in their a la carte Japanese buffet, with an extensive menu that makes paying them a visit an itadakimust! 

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Located in Alexandra Central mall, their daily lunch and dinner spreads are both priced at a uniform $39.80++, adding them to the list of wallet-friendly Japanese buffet options around.

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Start off your meal right by picking from their selection of fresh Sashimi, including staples such as Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi, and even Swordfish. If sushi is up your alley instead, go for their Nigiri Sushi, with other types of fish like Mackerel added to the mix apart from the aforementioned crowd favourites. Make your dining experience a little more complete with their variety of Maki Rolls and Handrolls as well.

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One thing you really shouldn’t miss is their larger than usual assortment of Tempura Agemono for you to sample. Unique ones include Sillago Fish and Cuttlefish Tempura other than the usual Prawn. If not, their variations of vegetable tempura are equally oishii, such as Sweet Potato, Shiitake Mushroom, and even Big Onion not commonly found elsewhere.

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To further fill you up, their Noodle choices like Beef Curry Udon, Char Siew Ramen, and Fried Yakisoba will leave you drooling. If rice is your preferred carb, we’d recommend you try the Pork Katsu Curry Rice or even the Japanese Porridge for something lighter on the palate. 

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Besides those, they also have a range of grilled

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