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Some of my fondest dining memories in Malaysia involve being hunched over a teeming banana leaf platter full of spicy curries, rice, and other delights. Unfortunately, the same experience on home ground tends to cost a pretty penny for the wealth of ingredients you get in banana leaf rice restaurants across the border. That is, until Bananabro Singapore opened in Changi recently.

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Bananabro is a familiar name to anyone who has had banana leaf rice in Kuala Lumpur. The brand has been around since 2018 and has drawn a loyal following for their dishes, including their briyani, chicken masala, and fried squid. A local singer and F&B magnate Hong Junyang has brought in the brand, and established a 35-seater outlet in Changi City Point.

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Items you must try include their Lunchtime Craving Set, with prices at just $9.90 for three vegetables, four curries, rice, and a papadum. Add a side, with options that range from butter chicken to fried fish or squid, and get a drink, all for that price.

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Otherwise, their basic Craving Set is available all day and starts from $5.90. This gets you three vegetables, four curries, rice, and a papadam. Apart from the banana leaf rice, the shop also sells claypot dishes such as Curry Fish Head ($20.90).

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