Yung Yung bubble tea near Bishan MRT 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but some part of me really argues that local stand-alone bubble tea shops have a lot more value to give than your standard chain shops. Let Yung Yung, my newest BBT discovery in Bishan, prove my point. Though they specialise in their handmade flavoured jelly milk teas, their menu can really make some look like kids in a candy shop. 

They literally personify the term “drink stall” with their diversified range of flavoured fruit and milk teas, lattes, smoothies, yoghurt blends, and even fizzy sodas, among others. I trudged down to their stall, determined to try as many menu items as my stomach could. 

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Food and drinks at Yung Yung

Starting off rich to make myself feel rich, their Lotus Biscoff Smoothie ($4.80 for medium) is one of their best-sellers, and rightfully so. Appearing more like a thick milkshake, the drink is laced with a real generous amount of Lotus Biscoff spread and biscuit crumbs, without me having to even beg them to gimme, gimme more.

Taste-wise, the smoothie is far from diluted. It’s gao, it’s decadent, but admittedly not something I can gulp down everyday as I’d imagine it can get jelak for some. Still, I especially liked how the caramelised Lotus Biscoff flavour isn’t too in-your-face, but is well-balanced with the milkiness of the drink, making it a lot less heavy on the palate. 

I often find myself frustrated when ordering jelly toppings at other BBT shops because they just won’t seem to budge at the bottom of my cup, requiring a lot of effort to suck them up with a straw. I realised I

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