No Horse Run gelato in Yishun

Gelato, and ice cream, shops are springing up aplenty in recent times, and No Horse Run in Yishun is just the latest in this slew of openings. The lovechild of a pair of uni mates, the name is translated from the Hokkien phrase “bo beh zao”. It’s a term commonly used in horseracing, and representative of how they hope to edge out the competition with No Horse Run’s unique, locally inspired flavours.

I was intrigued when I saw the flavours on offer: Smoked Milk, Burnt White Chocolate, and Mai Pian cereal gelato were too interesting to pass over, so I headed to Yishun, far off my beaten track, to sample No Horse Run’s wares with a friend.

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Food at No Horse Run

Waffles and gelato are one of those food matches made in heaven. At No Horse Run, the airy, light, and crisp waffles come in two variations: Buttermilk ($5.50), and Pandan Gula Melaka ($6.50).

Each order of waffles comes with one of their four house-made sauces, of which you can pick from Classic Maple SyrupChildhood MiloHouse-Made Jam, and Caramelised Cookies.

You can always top up an extra $1 a sauce, if you are after variety. The Childhood Milo is a super-gao Milo drizzle, which adds a malty, chocolate edge to your dessert, while Caramelised Cookies is really a Speculoos cream that’s rather addictive.

Otherwise, the House-Made Jam is painstakingly cooked in-house with an assortment of berries. It’s sweet, with a tart touch that’s appetising against the sweeter gelato.

If you’ve walked past old school bakeries and been arrested by the heady scent of pandan waffles, the Pandan Gula

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