Homelypot hotpot delivery

Nothing quite compares with the joy of having a hotpot meal with family and friends. The communal cooking and dining experience fosters a sense of togetherness that’s hard to beat. As with all group situations, compromising on a single soup base can sometimes be a prickly issue. Cue Homelypot, a hotpot delivery service that brings us individual hotpots─the first of its kind in Singapore. 

The basis of any good hotpot is the broth, and Homelypot has got that settled with their collaboration with CHU Collagen. This partnership brings you three options: the frozen soup brand’s highly raved-about Premium Chicken Collagen Soup ($15), Premium Laksa Soup ($11), and Premium Prawn Mee Soup ($11).

Simply defrost, pour your choice of soup base into a pot, and flip the switch to get started. These broths come in 500ml packages that are just right for one of Homelypot’s electric pots. They’re also sufficiently rich that you can add water as the meal progresses, without losing flavour.

New to Homelypot’s menu of more than 80 items is a limited edition Dumpling Kit ($13.80) that is being launched in conjunction with the upcoming Mother’s Day. The kit includes minced pork, seasonings, dumpling wrappers, and even a disposable knife so the family can wrap your own dumplings, together. 

Pop the dumplings into your soup base of choice; we went for the CHU Premium Chicken Collagen Soup. This soup is a great neutral-tasting broth that’s sticky with collagen, and creamy, reminiscent of the Beauty Collagen Broth at Beauty In A Pot, but made without preservatives and MSG.

Hotpot isn’t complete without some meats, and we had the Iberico Pork Collar Slice that’s currently on discount, at $7.84 for 220g, rather than its usual price of $9.80. If you’re a Citi

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