Brotherbird Bakehouse croissants at %Arabica

You’ve probably heard about the croissants at Brotherbird Bakehouse—these flaky, buttery morsels of delight are perpetually snapped up within minutes of their release. Here’s a piece of good news for ardent Brotherbird fans—these croissants are now available at all %Arabica outlets, so you can pair them with a good cuppa.

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While the croissants from Brotherbird Bakehouse are typically known for their unique flavours, there are only three available in their collaboration with %Arabica. These are the Original Croissant ($4.80), Classic Pain Au Chocolat ($5.80), and Almond Twice-Baked Croissant ($6.20). My personal favourite would be the Pain Au Chocolat, where buttery croissant enwraps decadent chocolate.

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For those uninitiated to %Arabica, they’re a coffee chain that hails from Kyoto. We last featured them in our guide for the best coffee cafes in Singapore, so you know the cuppas here are legit. There’s a healthy selection of espresso-based beverages to pair with your croissants here, with an option of single blend, or single origin for your coffee. If you’re a non-caffeine taker, fret not, as they also have drinks such as Matcha Latte (from $8.60) and Lemon Sparkling ($7) available.

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If you’d like a taste of Brotherbird Bakehouse’s more unique flavours, without having to deal with ordering online, head down to the newly-reopened Brotherbird Coffeehouse. While you’re here, be sure to try their Signature Mochi Donut ($15) as well, topped with a dollop of their house-made soft serve. To complement your sweets, there are also savouries available, such as the Spaghetti Carbonara ($18) and Rigatoni Bolognese ($18).

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