Happy Pot at HometeamNS-JOM Balestier

I’m sure many of us get jolted more than anything whenever we hear the term “one metre” nowadays, because of the social distancing measures enforced as a result of the pandemic. However, Happy Pot is here to turn your shock into surprise by giving their very own meaning to the term, with their One Metre Mookata Platter priced at $29.90+, designed to feed around three to four. 

Armed with a measuring tape, I ventured to their only outlet in Balestier, eager to confirm the exact length of their innovative creation, verified by a dining companion.

Phuket Town Mookata Review: Mookata With XXL Meat Mountain Platter At Ang Mo Kio

Food at Happy Pot

The platter itself kinda reminded me of the surface of a large cricket bat, with a whole plethora of ingredients that had me salivating when it first arrived. Six varieties of protein greeted me as I struggled to wrap my head around how all of them were able to be presented this well across all 100cm. 

For my fellow meat-heads, they have sizable portions of both Marinated Chicken and Pork Belly for you. If you prefer the taste of the sea, peep at their decently huge Prawns, Asari Clams, and Sotong Rings too.

To add even more variety, each platter includes a selection of mixed vegetables and other familiar hotpot ingredients too. They include crab sticks, sausages, raw eggs, enoki and king oyster mushrooms, as well as fresh bok choy cabbage. 

Bet you didn’t know that they serve a unique tonkotsu-style broth here, so you get an extra dose of milkiness and creaminess in your mookata experience not commonly found elsewhere. Personally, I felt like the king oyster mushrooms and asari clams soaked up the

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