Before you knew it, Mother’s Day is just round the corner, Sunday, 9 May 2021. And Father’s Day falls on Sunday, 20 June 2021. Crystal Jade Group has launched Parents’ Day promotion from 29 April to 30 June 2021 with a series of exquisitely-crafted dishes. Some of my favourite dishes are Braised Irish Duck, Crispy Tiger King Prawn coated with Cereal and Pumpkin Sauce, Poached Tianjin Cabbage, Poached Tianjin Cabbage and Baby Spinach in Porridge Rice Broth and Chilled Coconut Purée with Peach Gum and Shredded Coconut. I’m sure you’re feeling hungry after all the introduction. Honestly, I’ve made more than 10 calls to make a reservation for Mother’s day dinner. No fret if you did not managed to make a booking for Mother’s day. Crystal Jade also offers a takeaway Dine-At-Home set where you can dine comfortably at home.

You will not know until you’ve sink your teeth in it! Instead of the standard minced pork, their steamed xiao long bao (starting from S$13.80 for 6) is generously stuffed with a decent piece of scallop, minced pork and a dash of shrimp chilli paste. A tasty combination of juicy minced pork, succulent scallop with a hint of spiciness in it. Steamed Emerald Jade Scallop and Seafood Dumpling (S$8.80 for 3 pcs) resembles mini ingot in elegant emerald. Infused with sweet scallop chunks and chives and finally crowned with shredded fried conpoy and fish roe. We felt it was brilliant to add fish roes in it for thee extra crunch. The dumpling skin was slightly dry on our visit thou.

You may try both dim sum dishes at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao & Jiang Nan. Crispy Colourful Scallop and Jackfruit Roll (S$20.80) looked appetizing and didn’t disappoint. Packed with a mix of savoury, fruity and

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