When it comes to chee cheong fun, we thought that we had seen it all. We had covered youtiao covered with chee cheong fun, served with triple sauces. There is another hawker that serves chee cheong fun with different types of fillings including century eggs – and it looks remarkable. It turns out that, we may have missed an important one – chee cheong fun with smoked salmon. Are you ready for this?

Chee Cheong Fun With Smoked Salmon & Liver Sausages


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There are many places in Singapore that offer Hong Kong-style chee cheong fun. You can find it from traditional dim sum restaurants all the way to food centers scattered around Singapore. Unlike the usual chee cheong fun, Hong Kong-style chee cheong fun has fillings inside! Singaporeans are truly having fun by experimenting with different types of filling.


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Check out Da Chang Jin Handmade Chee Cheong Fun, the menu will certainly sweep you off your feet. Specialising in Hong Kong-style chee cheong fun, this spot makes silky-smooth chee cheong fun from scratch. No doubt, it is a hard task to do as it requires finesse! Right here, you can get the usual crowd favourites such as prawn, pork, mushrooms, and

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