Prairie by Craftsmen at River Valley

It hasn’t been long since Prairie by Craftsmen wowed us with their glasshouse cafe concept at Cluny Court, a sunlight-dappled space that’s decked with pots of botany. Recently, the cafe has opened a second pink-themed outlet, bringing a slew of all-day breakfast, pastries, and beverages to River Valley.

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Just like their flagship at Cluny Court, this new cafe sees hanging botany indoors, and potted plants in their alfresco dining area. If you’re a fan of pink cafes such as A Beautiful Day, you’ll also be pleased to know that Prairie’s River Valley outlet is decked in various shades of pink, with complementary tiled, and light wood fixtures.

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They’ve recently begun serving all-day breakfast, with the likes of Morning Pancake ($17++) and Prairie Breakfast ($20++). The former is a savoury pancake dish, dressed with avocados, sliced ham, and ricotta cream. Meanwhile, the latter comes loaded with bacon, pork bratwurst sausage, avocado, salad, hummus, and eggs, cooked the way you like.

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For a lighter meal, Prairie by Craftsmen at River Valley has a selection of freshly baked pastries available. These include cakes of the day, and croissants such as Pain Au Chocolate ($5.50++) and even Kaya Croissant ($6++), if you’d like something more localised. 

To pair with these bakes, the cafe offers an extensive beverage menu, with interesting espresso-based drinks such as Gula Melaka Latte ($8++) and Bailey Latte ($11++). There are various options for non-caffeine takers too, ranging from smoothies and juices, to teas and kombucha. 

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