Date night restaurant home deliveries

Even as we are reaching the tail end of Phase 2: Heightened Alert, staying home has defaulted as the socially responsible norm. If you’re in a relationship, date night mealtimes at home during this period are made extra-exciting thanks to Chope, who has launched their Chope On Delivery service, where restaurant-quality meals get sent right to your doorstep.

Chope On Delivery lets you choose from over 150 restaurants, and delivers islandwide. Apart from the wealth of gourmet restaurants and cafes available for delivery on the list, you also get to make pre-orders for your meals up to a week ahead, so you won’t have to stress out during date night itself. This function is also doubly useful if you have an anniversary, or your spouse’s birthday to plan. Finally, Chope On Delivery is also offering free delivery till 31 December 2021 at the following restaurants if you pay via Mastercard. 

To help you organise your homebound paktor evening better, here are some date night restaurants and cafes we recommend you order from.

1. Oriole Coffee + Bar 

Image credit: @oriolecoffee

Oriole Coffee + Bar is a gastro-bar with an Asian-fusion menu, ideal for date nights where you want familiar flavours with a dash of novelty. The Chilli Crab Pizza ($34.24) is a centrepiece made for sharing, where pizza gets studded with crabmeat pieces, then dressed in mozzarella cheese, as well as chilli crab sauce. 

Accompany this spicy treat with the Shrimp Paste Marinated Chicken Wings ($17.12), har cheong gai wings served with sambal belacan for dipping. Another must-try is the Sriracha Buffalo Burger ($17.12), where a thicc and juicy Sriracha-marinated chicken cutlet is sandwiched between soft brioche buns, with sweet potato sides to complete the meal.

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