Heavenly Wang volcanic lava toast

Petrol kiosks tend to make me recall not-so-fond memories of aimless wandering around narrow convenience store aisles.  Not anymore, though, as Heavenly Wang has decided to make petrol stations an actual place for good grub by introducing their brand new takeout concept at Toa Payoh’s Esso petrol kiosk. The takeout concept opened in late May 2021.

Image credit: Heavenly Wang – Wang Cafe

For those staying nearby or those topping up petrol, you can now catch a quick break at Heavenly Wang’s new takeout kiosk. With a new range of Open Toasties Sandwiches ($3.80), they adapt to the ever-changing taste buds of their customers. These include unique flavours such as Yuzu Ham Blossom, which combines chicken ham, cream cheese, and yuzu. With such bites, Heavenly Wang hopes to reinvent their menu to target a wider demographic. Reminiscent of a traditional kopitiam breakfast, the open toastie can also be paired with Kopi or Teh, and Soft Boiled Eggs when bought as a Set ($6.20).

Image credit: Heavenly Wang – Wang Cafe

They also have Volcanic Lava Buns ($4.80), which has also been infused with local favourites such as mentaiko, chilli crab, otah, and salted egg. 

Image credit: Heavenly Wang – Wang Cafe

The stall also has a playful twist on their kaya toast with Hazelnut S’mores Toast ($3), just in case you’re looking for a sweet, toothsome bite. Existing fans can also seek comfort in preexisting local favourites on the menu such as Laksa Sayang ($6.20) and Bibik’s Mee Siam ($5.8).

Image credit: @itstheben.eats

In an effort to #gogreen, plastic bags are charged at $0.10 per piece. So do remember to bring your own bags! They are also running a giveaway till 20 September 2021, in which a $100 Heavenly Wang gift

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