Joy Luck Teahouse at Plaza Singapura

Joy Luck Teahouse‘s rapid expansion throughout Singapore comes at an opportune time, giving us the chance to savour the best of Hong Kong’s delicacies right here in Singapore. With the SG-HK travel bubble having been deferred yet again, Joy Luck Teahouse heralds the opening of yet another outlet—their ninth so far—in Basement Two of Plaza Singapura. It will commence its operations on 14 June.

Image credit: Joy Luck Teahouse

This newest outlet will also retail a brand new menu item: a Golden Salted Egg Crust Pineapple Bun ($3.20) that will be exclusively available at the Plaza Singapura outlet from 14 to 16 June. Thereafter, this new bolo bun will be available at all Joy Luck Teahouse outlets islandwide, except Joy Luck Yum Sing at Funan.

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Expect each mouthful of this new pineapple bun to be sweet, buttery, and savoury at the same time, where the iconic bolo bun crust has been enriched with salted egg yolk. It complements the fluffy bun beneath, that’s made with a premium blend of flour.

As with Joy Luck Teahouse’s other baked items, the Golden Salted Egg Crust Pineapple Bun is baked in small batches throughout the day, ensuring there’s a constant supply of fresh buns.

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Another first at this new branch is the availability of dine-in seats. There will be 14 seats available in this sit-down area so you can enjoy your pineapple buns as soon as possible after purchase when dining-in is permissible.

In celebration of this outlet’s opening, Joy Luck Teahouse at Plaza Singapura is offering a 10% discount off your order, when you

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