3-course coriander meal recipes

Despite its nutritional benefits, coriander tends to be a pretty divisive topic between those who adore it and those who hate it, causing most of us to label it as an acquired taste. However, we’re here to open your eyes more to the wonders of this antioxidant-rich herb, with our very own 3-course coriander meal recipe, including a soup, main, and finishing off with a sweet treat.

1. Cream Of Coriander Soup

A rich, savoury starter would be the Cream Of Coriander Soup, a refreshing addition to the usual types of cream-based soups we get. We’ve also included a range of ingredients such as chicken stock, cooking cream, and minced onions among others to further enhance the robust and sharp flavours of this soup.

Take note that you want to separate the coriander stems from the leaves before starting to cook as well.

Begin by adding your butter to a pot and just let it melt at a really low heat. Then, slowly throw in your onions and leek as well and let them cook. Add the coriander stems in, cooking them at a comfortable low temperature that ensures they don’t turn brown and more importantly to bring out the sweeter and fragrant tastes of the herb well.

When the vegetables start to look limp and soft, season them with salt and then slowly coat them with flour, in order to increase the thickness of the soup. Do continue cooking the flour for a while so it doesn’t become too starchy and raw. After that, fill the pot with chicken stock or water to the brim, and a clove of garlic. Leave it to boil for about 30 minutes.

Eventually, blend the soup mixture together with more fresh coriander and

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