Kiwami: Ramen & Gyoza Bar at Suntec City 

Started by the same people behind Aburi En, many associate Kiwami with their affordably priced yet premium Japanese dishes and ingredients. They have recently opened a third outlet in Suntec City, bringing their gourmet offerings to town.

Their two other outlets are located in Guoco Tower at Tanjong Pagar, as well as Chinatown Point. 

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If you’re a fan of hearty pork bone broth, go straight for their signature Premium Kiwami Tonkatsu Ramen ($12.80++). Served with ramen noodles made from Hokkaido wheat, this bowl is topped with slabs of delectable pork cheek slices. 

Add on $2 for a luxurious and rich Okinawa Egg with a vivid, orange yolk. 

If rice is your daily staple, you should try the Miyazaki Wagyu Garlic Fried Rice ($12.80++). Perfumed with a distinct wok hei fragrance, this garlic fried rice comes with chunks of tender wagyu. 

They also have the Aburi Miyasaki Wagyu Tonkotsu Ramen ($19.90++) if you prefer enjoying your Wagyu beef paired with ramen noodles instead. 

Image credit: Kiwami Singapore

The Mala Ramen ($15.80) is a dish packed with a fiery spicy kick. It features a housemade mala pork bone broth filled with ramen noodles and a thick slab of well-marbled cha shu. 

Seafood enthusiasts will adore their unique Hokkaido Snow Crab Fried Rice on Tonkotsu Gravy ($13.80++). Presented impressively with splashes of soft and juicy red crab meat peeking out through a pool of thick gravy, this dish is akin to a flavourful bowl of crab porridge. 

Image credit: @kiwami_sg 

For a side to share, go for their Grilled Gyoza ($5.80 for five) and choose between four different dipping sauces. A more interesting option

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