Coucou Hotpot At Suntec City

COVID-19 may have restricted our travelling plans and foodie trips, but it has not stopped us from enjoying authentic, international experiences through dining. These include the soon-to-open Kee Wah Bakery from Hong Kong, 7-Eleven Tokyo Banana pre-order, and Popular hotpot chain Coucou Hotpot, which is set to open in December this year.

Image credit: @coucouhotpotsg

Coucou Hotpot, which was founded by Chinese brand Xiabu Xiabu in 2016, is famed for serving Taiwanese-style hotpot and bubble tea, reminding us of Yanxi Palace Steamboat. They’ve got over 100 stores within China, and four outlets in Hong Kong to date. This December, we’ll have our very own Coucou Hotpot restaurant in Suntec City. 

Although we don’t know the exact date of opening, Coucou Hotpot will be located on level three of Suntec City’s North Wing.

Image credit: @coucouhotpotsg

We are hoping that the Singaporean outpost of Coucou Hotpot will sport a similar luxurious dining experience, as it is standard in their Chinese outlets, with classy, sleek concepts that see traditional, yet modern vibes.

Although Coucou Hotpot’s menu for this opening has yet to be revealed, they did release some sneak peeks of items that we can look forward to.  

Image credit: @coucouhotpotsg

One of them is the selection of soup bases for your hotpot meal. Currently, only two flavours have been disclosed: the Pork with Chinese Sauerkraut Broth, and Bovine Bone with Tomato Broth, AKA a beef bone and tomato soup base. Although we don’t know how many more will be available, we hope there’ll at least be five to seven broths in total, based on what’s offered at current outlets overseas. 

Image credit: @__chingss

You can also expect a slew of vegetables, meat and seafood options with premium items like a Wagyu Platter with

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