Celine’s Gelato at Novena Regency

Tucked in an unassuming corner in Novena Regency, a residential and commercial building along Thomson Road, Celine’s Gelato doesn’t have the most outstanding location, albeit being rather central. But that’s also what gives this cosy gelato hideout its charm—it’s quaint and quiet with an exclusive vibe that’s hard to come by these days.

Founded by ex-air stewardess Celine, the namesake cafe takes on a no-frills concept in terms of its interiors and menu. The space is small yet comfortable, with a focus on the main attraction: a customised gelato cart fitted with a pozetti display, which is a traditional Italian way of storing gelato.

This centrepiece contains some of Celine’s popular gelato flavours; she has a core menu with around six to eight mainstay flavours, alongside two new flavours that are introduced each month. Classic flavours go at $5 a scoop, while premium flavours are priced at $5.50. The gelato is served in a cup, but if you prefer having it in a cone, you can top up $0.50 for this.

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Signatures include the Chocolate ($5), which incorporates 72% Venezuela cocoa for that ultimate bittersweet flavour. We tried this flavour on its own, and were pleasantly surprised by how rich, dark, and intense the cocoa notes were. This would definitely speak to those who love dark chocolate, as it wasn’t too sweet or milky. The texture was also impeccable; it’s incredibly creamy and dense, and with a slightly sticky texture.

The perfect drink to go along with this would be a cup of hot Teh O ($1.50). The cafe also serves other drinks including local Kopi (from $1.50), Milo (from $2.20), and gelato-enriched milkshakes (from $8.50).

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