Burgs by Project Warung at 313@Somerset

The famous Muslim-owned burger brand, Burgs by Project Warung, has recently opened a new outlet in 313@Somerset. It is run by two local chefs, Indra and Ridz, who previously worked in Michelin-starred restaurants before starting this burger journey together. With their expertise, Indra and Ridz opened Burgs to specialise in top quality, restaurant-like burgers—but at affordable prices. 

Since their first opening, Burgs has grown and expanded to four outlets around Singapore, with this new store being their fifth. Compared to the other four outlets, which are hawker stalls, this new branch is a fast-casual burger joint with a revamped version of their current menu and outlet-exclusive items.

Food at Burgs by Project Warung

My colleague and I started our meal with Burgs’ Chilli Cheese Burger (price TBC), an opening exclusive that you won’t find on their permanent menu. This came with the usual suspects: a beef patty, topped with a slice of melted cheese, dressed in a house-made, chilli cheese sauce, sandwiched between perfectly browned burger buns. 

Burgs’ chilli sauce was rather unique, as it came in the form of a chicken chilli con carne. It came in a bright, fiery-red colour, seeing which I steeled myself for a spicy onslaught. To my surprise, it skewed toward the sweeter end, tasting nearly similar to bolognese sauce, instead of hitting me with a spicy punch. It also had a faintly spiced aroma, which added an extra depth of flavour. I would have preferred if the chilli had a little more heat for oomph. 

Aside from the sauce, the patty was pretty memorable. Judging by how the handcrafted patty was rather thin, I was impressed by how juicy it still was. A bite into this patty revealed a slightly pink centre,

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