Traditional dishes are getting harder to find these days. People enjoy eating them not only because it tastes good, but the memories that are tied to them as well. Just one bite of these foods can simply transport us back to the good old days. However, some of these dishes are slowly disappearing in Singapore. One rare gem that is still around is Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies. Serving traditional yam abacus, this is a nostalgic dish that you hardly see nowadays.

Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies: Serving Traditional Dishes Photo:@joong_seng (Instagram)


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Yam abacus is a traditional Hakka dish made with yam that is usually eaten during festivals, signifying wealth. Also known as Suan Pan Zi, it is a dish usually associated with Chinese New Year. As the yam is made into abacus seeds, it got its name as it resembled the beads on the Abacus, which some of us might have used in math class. Feeling nostalgic yet anyone?

For those who have never tried yam abacus before, it is basically yam and tapioca flour cooked with mushrooms. Additionally, it is topped off with crunchy shallots. Some might refer to this as the Chinese version of Gnocchi, a classic Italian potato dish.

A Rare Gem: Traditional Yam Abacus


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