The Fat Kid Bakery in Ang Mo Kio 

I have to admit that when it comes to choosing a sweet and indulgent treat, doughnuts are nowhere near my top picks. Due to past experiences, they have never left a good impression on me as they have either been too sweet, too greasy, or both. Moreover, I tend to find doughnuts a tad bit dense and doughy for my liking—until I chanced upon the ones at The Fat Kid Bakery.

Singapore has seen a recent spike of interest in bomboloni, an Italian stuffed donut. Highly praised for their airy, fluffy texture, these doughnuts have taken over my social media page. And so I fell into the rabbit hole of The Fat Kid Bakery, a small bakery known for their sourdough bomboloni, and proceeded to place a preorder for a box of eight.

Food at The Fat Kid Bakery 

At first glance, we were slightly underwhelmed by the look of the bomboloni. There was just a hint of filling barely peeking out through a small slit, which revealed the flavour of each donut. Moreover, the filling didn’t ooze out as expected when we gave the bomboloni a gentle squeeze, and hence we assumed that they were not generously filled.

However, we were too quick to judge. Tearing open each of these pillowy rounds revealed a hefty amount of filling. Some were creamy and fluffy, while others had flowy centres akin to that of liu sha bao. 

We started our round of bomboloni with the Blueberry Cheesecake ($4.80). Tearing into this doughnut released a sweet, fruity aroma, and revealed a beautiful lavender-coloured cream. I was also delighted to find a generous amount of real berries in it. 

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