Easy KBBQ recipes with K-Grill

We live in a time-starved rat race, where quick, fuss-free meals are often the name of the game. You’d seriously doubt my word, if I told you that we could have a KBBQ office lunch in under half an hour. Enter the K-Grill, sold at FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets, a magical piece of equipment that delivers just that. Here are three easy KBBQ recipes with minimal cleanup, including a DIY Pepper Lunch, kimchi pancakes, and bulgogi!

1. Pepper Lunch

Beat the crowds at Pepper Lunch during peak hours, and DIY the Pepper Lunch experience right in the comfort of the office, or home. What’s more, the size of the K-Grill pan, plus its circular shape, gives you all the freedom to make an XXL portion, which you and your friends or family can sit around and enjoy!

The heat on the K-Grill comes from above, so lining the pan with a sheet of baking paper allows you to catch all the rendered fat and juices from your choice of meat as they grill, before you mix it in with the rice. Here, we’ve used The Gourmet’s Pack Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki ($18.65) for its buttery taste. Do note that Wagyu beef is available at selected FairPrice Xtra outlets, under different brands.

If Garlic Soy is your choice of sauce at Pepper Lunch, our quick hack simply calls for the addition of garlic powder to light soya sauce. Give this a quick stir and pour it liberally over the rice! We’ve also added Lotte Premium Luncheon Meat ($3.55, U.P. $5.80), which we lightly grilled and mixed into the rice, before laying the beef on the pan.

Since you’re making this yourself, nobody’s stopping you from adding as much cheese

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